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Carolyn Magill on Episodic Care and Prospective Bundles

Carolyn Magill, Remedy Partners CEO, was a featured speaker on the CEO panel at the recent Health 2.0 conference. You can hear her discuss episodes of care and prospective bundles in this video interview with a reporter from Health 2.0.

Remedy's Innovation Collaborative in Orlando

Remedy’s Transitional Care Institute hosted a Model 3 Skilled Nursing Facility Innovation Collaborative in Orlando, FL., with the generous support from sponsors, HealthMEDX, MatrixCare, and PointClickCare. More than 400 healthcare professionals, including leadership from over 90% of our SNF businesses, joined us for expert panels. The topics ranged from how to tell stories through data to how best to connect skilled nursing facilities with acute healthcare providers, keynotes from industry leaders, and even tai chi.

Click here for a brief video of the Orlando Collaborative

Episode Connect

Remedy Partners has developed a complete operating system for managing bundled payment programs. Episode Connect is the only enterprise software for BPCI program administration. 

We like to think of it as the connective tissue between administrators, nurses, physicians, case managers, patients and families.

This premier tool for enabling a quality value-based care program is delivered via web and mobile devices for your convenience. Episode Connect provides portals for patients, providers and administrators.

Actionable Intelligence. Decision Support. Only From Remedy

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Fierce Healthcare Highlights Dr. Win Whitcomb’s CAPG Panel on Post-Acute Care

Industry publication Fierce Healthcare shared Dr. Win Whitcomb’s strategies for post-acute care in an article published on October 3, 2016 that recapped Dr. Whitcomb’s panel at the CAPG Colloquium 2016.

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Remedy Partners Chief Medical Officer Discusses Post-Acute Care at CAPG Colloquium


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Remedy Partners, Carolyn Magill

Carolyn Magill Speaks at Health 2.0 Conference

Remedy Partners CEO Carolyn Magill was a featured speaker at the Health 2.0 conference in Santa Clara, California on September 26, 2016. More than 2,000 digital health decision makers attended to hear about the latest trends shaping the healthcare industry.

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BPCI, Palliative Care,

Access to Good Palliative Care: The Time is Now

In its 2014 report, Dying in America, the Institute of Medicine identified several areas for improvement in the care of those with life-limiting illness, including inadequate advance care planning and a lack of payment systems supporting high quality end of life care. Since then, we can point to two notable achievements in support the IOM report’s call for improvement: the proliferation of bundled payment programs and two E&M codes for advance care planning. I believe these developments will make it possible for more patients with serious illness to receive palliative care, as for the first time incentives are aligned between patients’ desires and how care is paid for.

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Hospitalist, BPCI

Dr. Win Whitcomb in Today’s Hospitalist on How to Succeed with Bundled Payments

The June 2016 issue of Today's Hospitalist, the leading publication for inpatient physicians, extensively quotes Remedy Partners’ Chief Medical Officer Win Whitcomb, MD in How to Succeed with Bundled Payments. 

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Remedy Partners

Five Questions For… Win Whitcomb

Win Whitcomb, Chief Medical Officer of Remedy Partners shares his background and thoughts on the evolution of healthcare in Five Questions For...

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Selecting the Optimal Post Acute Next Site of Care: A Primer for Physicians

Selecting the optimal next site of care (NSOC) after hospital discharge has emerged as a core skill for physicians in the era of value-based healthcare. The challenge is that few of us have received formal training in post acute care site selection. When I meet with physicians and discuss NSOC selection, they express a clear desire for guidance on discharge planning as they work with patients, caregivers and the healthcare team. Here is a framework to assist physicians in post acute care selection within the BPCI program. 

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Patient Identification for the BPCI Program

The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

Before I started working for Remedy Partners as a Transitional Care Specialist assisting a Model 2 Acute Care Hospital Episode Initiator (EI) in identifying, engaging, and tracking BPCI patients during their episodes of care, one of the nurses preparing me for the job told me that “if you accomplish nothing else… get them to pick up the phone.” Her point was that if we are not able to speak to our patients after discharge then it will be difficult, if not impossible, to influence the outcome of that patient’s recovery. This was some of the best advice that I received but it assumed that we had already identified the patient as a BPCI patient.

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BPCI, Home Health

Remedy Convenes Florida Healthcare Professionals to Discuss Intersection of BPCI Program and Home Health

Home health care has become an increasingly viable option for individuals seeking post acute care in their own homes, and the selection of home care as the next site of care when appropriate can contribute to success in a bundled payment program. Because there are nuances to the use of home health services in a bundled payment program, Remedy Partners convened two events to address the intersection of the BPCI program and home health services in Florida: the first-ever Home Health Town Hall and a BPCI & HH Symposium.  

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Remedy Partners

Carolyn Magill Appointed CEO of Remedy Partners

Darien, CT, May 25, 2016 — Remedy Partners announced today the appointment of Carolyn Magill to the position of Chief Executive Officer.  Carolyn assumes the leadership of Remedy at a time of dramatic growth, as the Company expands its software and services to manage bundled payment programs.  

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