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Remedy Partners Prepares Providers for CMS’s New BPCI Advanced Program

January 12, 2017

Deadline to participate in Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced program is March 12, 2018

DARIEN, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) unveiled its Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI Advanced) program, and Remedy Partners is now preparing providers as the March 12, 2018 deadline approaches. Remedy Partners is the nation’s leading bundled payment company and largest Awardee Convener in the existing BPCI program.

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Remedy Partners Announces that One Hundred Percent of its Hospital Partners Achieve Positive Net Payment Reconciliation Amount (NPRA) in Bundled Payment Initiative

Medicare’s voluntary BPCI program’s financial results reveal positive NPRA for 100 percent of Remedy Partners’ engaged hospitals and 81 percent of its partner clients

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Choosing Next Site of Care: A Vital Decision

Costs of Care and Bundles of Joy: How Bundled Payments Can Deliver Cost Transparency and Affordable Options for Growing American Families

Remedy Partners’ Fourth Annual National Innovation Collaborative Sees Record Turnout

Remedy Partners’ 2017 National Innovation Collaborative: The Year’s Largest Gathering of Professionals Dedicated to Bundled Payments

Remedy Partners Welcomes Acting Under Secretary for Health, Department of Veterans Affairs as Executive Vice President of Commercial Business Lines

1,100 Electronic Health Record Integrations and Counting: Remedy Partners’ Answer to the Interoperability Challenge is Episode Connect™

AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention Recap: The Rewards of Taking on Risk Under Value-Based Care

Better Care for Those with Life-Limiting Illness: How Remedy Partners Helps Our Partners Support Patients When They Need it Most

Remedy Partners Healthcare Experts Take Center Stage at MACRA Summit

Lesli Ott Speaks: How Payers, Providers Improve Care and Increase Efficiencies with Bundles

Remedy Partners Appoints Value-Based Healthcare Expert, Chip Howard, as Senior Vice President of Partner Services

Quicker Return to Home, No Increase in Readmissions

Broken Hips and Fragmented Care

Remedy Partners Announces that One Hundred Percent of its Hospital Partners Achieve Positive Net Payment Reconciliation Amount (NPRA) in Bundled Payment Initiative

How ‘Home-to-Home Time’ Supports the Goals of Bundled Payments

CMS Embraces Innovation  and Competition

Medicare Underscores Its Focus on Voluntary Bundled Payment Models

Remedy Adds a New Readmission Risk Predictor to Episode Connect

Value-Based Care Near the End of Life: A Webinar on Hospice and Palliative Care

Using Bundled Payment to Drive Competitive Strategy

HealthEdge And Remedy Partners Launch Bundled Payments Initiative

Put Bundles in the Toolkit: Highlights from The Seventh National Bundled Payment Summit

Optimizing The Value Of Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) In Value-Based Care: Insights for Hospitals and Health Systems

Remedy Executives to Speak at The Seventh National Bundled Payment Summit

Visit Remedy Partners at Exhibitor Booth 1038 at AHIP

Bundled Payments and the Practice of Palliative Care

Bundled Payments are Not Associated with an Increase in Elective Procedures

How ACOs and Episode Payment Models Can Work Together

Spotlight on Continued Success of Bundled Payments

Transitional Care Institute Hosts Webinar on Next Site of Care

Secretary Price: A Strong Supporter of Voluntary Bundled Payments

Medicare Delays Mandatory Bundled Payments; Expansion of Voluntary Bundles Unaffected

Updated SNF Episodic Length of Stay (ELOS) Guidelines Released to Field

Remedy Promotes BPCI at HHS Committee Hearing

Special Opportunity to Advocate for BPCI to HHS

Remedy CEO Carolyn Magill Advocates for Bundles in Morning Consult

No Bones About It, Bundled Payments Reduce Costs: Study Shows 20% Cost Reduction

Dr. Win Whitcomb Shares Advice on How Clinicians can Enable Home Recovery in NEJM Catalyst

Thinking Outside the DRG

Remedy Partners and the Transitional Care Institute Host National Innovation Collaborative

The Health Care Transformation Task Force Urges Support for Value-Based Care

Remedy Hosts Large Gathering of Bundled Payment Influencers and Operators

Zeke Emanuel Shares 12 Transformational Practices and Thoughts on Success in Bundled Payments

Remedy in Action:  PAN Reps impact Length of Stay

Fierce Healthcare Highlights Dr. Win Whitcomb’s CAPG Panel on Post-Acute Care

Remedy Partners Chief Medical Officer Discusses Post-Acute Care at CAPG Colloquium

Carolyn Magill Speaks at Health 2.0 Conference

Access to Good Palliative Care: The Time is Now

Dr. Win Whitcomb in Today’s Hospitalist on How to Succeed with Bundled Payments

Five Questions For… Win Whitcomb

Selecting the Optimal Post Acute Next Site of Care: A Primer for Physicians

Patient Identification for the BPCI Program

Remedy Convenes Florida Healthcare Professionals to Discuss Intersection of BPCI Program and Home Health

New Political Climate is Time to Tout Results of BPCI

Carolyn Magill Appointed CEO of Remedy Partners

Five Questions For . . . Steve Wiggins

Decision Support Technology and the BPCI Program

Gene Huang to Speak on Bundled Payments at LTC 100

Remedy’s Chief Medical Officer Speaks on Value-Based Healthcare at the American College of Physicians Annual Meeting

Four Steps for Physicians To Drive Bundled Payment Success

Early Mobility is Key to Recovery and Home Discharge

Five Questions for... Gene Huang

Enhancing the Delivery of Quality Care Through Collaboration between SNFs and among Post Acute Providers

SNF Collaboration in Action: The Connecticut Post Acute Alliance

Gene Huang Speaks on Bundled Payment Opportunities for SNFs

Remedy Convenes Bundled Payment Practitioners

Interoperability and Communicating with Episode Connect

Hospitalists Lead the Move to Physicians in Alternative Payment Models

Selecting a High Value Next Site of Care: A Novel, Important Skill for the Inpatient Team

Narrow SNF Networks and Increased Collaboration: The Remedy Approach

Five Questions For... Sheetal Shah

The 6 Steps to CJR Success

Bundled Payment in Perspective: A Top Ten List

Empathy, Patients and Caregivers

NYU Langone Enhances Patient Experience by Reducing Referrals to Rehab Facilities after Major Surgery

Orthopedic Pearls from Remedy’s Innovation Series

There's No Place Like Home

Strategies for Post Acute Facility Care Redesign

Medicare Signals Permanent Moves Toward Episodic Accountability

Moments of Clarity

The Value of the Physician Visit During the First Week After Discharge

The Baltimore Collaborative Event

Physician Engagement and Satisfaction

BPCI Overview (Part 1)

BPCI Overview (Part 2)

Building Momentum for the Bundled Payment Movement

How We Improved Quality and Lowered Post Acute Costs for Total Hip Replacement

Who is Talking About Bundled Payments?


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