Bundled Payments

Building Momentum for the Bundled Payment Movement

"More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin."

When Remedy was being formed two years ago there were not many people outside of wonky policy circles speaking about BPCI. It was—and still continues to be—a 'missionary sale' when explaining the BPCI to new hospital executives, physician or SNF operators.

Understanding the potential of bundled payments on the American healthcare system often requires a beginner's mind, because you have to be open to replacing what is familiar with a new framework for thinking. You have to mentally take existing building blocks and envision them being repositioned to take on a new shapes. We have met both industry veterans and complete novices who are able to quickly comprehend the way BPCI will have an effect on the future of each building block in healthcare - but we also come across people who don't believe in bundled payments.

And that's ok!

Skepticism is a derivative of fear for the unknown, and with the BPCI, there are many unknowns. Thankfully, there are really thoughtful and respected thinkers, like famed
Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter, who are coming out in support of bundled payments as a framework of thinking about healthcare transformation. In the recently published Harvard Business Review, Porter penned an in-depth cover story called "The Strategy That Will Fix American Healthcare" which focuses on bundled payments.

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