BPCI, Bundled Payments

Physician Engagement and Satisfaction

We all recognize that success with bundled payments relies on engagement of physicians at every stage of an episode of care. Engaging surgeons, hospitalists and those physicians with practices able to extend into post acute facilities and the patient’s home is a sure driver of successful management of patient episodes. This engagement shouldn’t be a problem, because engaging in the challenges of bundled payments leads to greater physician satisfaction.

If it makes them happier, why is it so difficult to achieve?

A recent finding from a nationwide survey of physicians reported that when physicians
are engaged, they are much more satisfied with their jobs. Engaged physicians have
‘net promoter scores’ (how they feel about their job/employer) that jump from -50 to 20.
As physicians increasingly choose to work in ‘management-led’ organizations and give up their independent practices, they are unfortunately less satisfied. Employed physicians
have ‘net promoter scores’ of -13 for their employer, compared with 19 for independent physician-led organizations.  

Whether a physician is employed for a large health system or in a physician owned practice, they report greater satisfaction when they are knowledgeable about the mission of their organization and less removed from the key activities driving organizational success. 

This is another reminder that engagement is equal parts process and leadership. Successful leaders make sure to communicate the mission and the key strategic objectives of their organization to all administrative and clinical staff. Remedy’s own experience is a constant reminder that strong C-suite leadership in bundled payments will drive engagement and successful outcomes.

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