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Remedy Partners’ 2017 National Innovation Collaborative: The Year’s Largest Gathering of Professionals Dedicated to Bundled Payments


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This year’s largest gathering of bundled payment operators will convene at Remedy Partners’ Fourth Annual National Innovation Collaborative in Atlanta, GA on November 16 -17. The conference, open to Remedy Partners’ clients and collaborators, is expected to garner more than 350 attendees. It will balance presentations from industry thought leaders with those of professionals working in bundled payment programs on a daily basis. This year’s theme, ‘Navigating the Future of Bundled Payments,’ is inspired by the imminent launch of Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) Advanced, BPCI’s follow-up program, in 2018 and the growth of bundles in commercial health plans and state Medicaid programs.  

Tom Lee, MD, chief medical officer of Press Ganey Associates, and Harold Miller, President, Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform, will serve as keynote speakers. Alexandre Laberge from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation will provide an update on bundles and value-based programs, while Remedy Partners’ CEO Chris Garcia and Executive Chairman Steve Wiggins will speak on BPCI results and health policy, and building a nationwide bundled payment network, respectively.

There will be panel discussions on commercial bundles and physician engagement in value-based care, while breakout sessions will address the central role of functional mobility in bundles, using technology to unlock value and engaging post-acute providers in performance improvement. Faculty will consist of leaders with the nation’s deepest experience in the management of bundled payment programs.

Perhaps the meeting’s most valuable feature will be the many opportunities for attendees and faculty to network and share ideas on best practices and innovative approaches to care redesign and the advancement of the quadruple aim: better outcomes, lower costs, improved patient experience, clinician well-being.

Join the conversation using #NationalInnovationCollaborative on Twitter @RemedyPartners and @RemedyTCI

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