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The Baltimore Collaborative Event

What do you learn when you bring together nearly 200 physicians, case managers, nurses, policy makers and administrators from across Remedy’s almost 2,000 live bundled payment programs? Well, if the feedback from attendees is any indication, you learn a lot about care improvement. 

Recently this group of innovators gathered for the Remedy Partners Innovation Collaborative at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in Baltimore. 

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Dr. Patrick Conway, Medicare’s chief medical officer, pointing to the rapid growth in value based payment programs, noted that for hospital CEOs who continue to build their business model on a fee-for-service approach will start to experience serious difficulties in the not-too-distant future.
  • Dr. Ed Gilkey, vice president of medical affairs at St. Luke’s Warren Hospital in Phillipsburg, NJ, stated that "during discharge planning rounds at skilled nursing facilities, we had to change the focus from ‘how much Medicare benefit remains?’ to ‘when can the patient be safely discharged?’"
  • Dr. Win Whitcomb, Remedy’s chief medical officer, in describing the challenges of a home discharge, told the group, “it’s a lot of work to get someone home. It’s not quite as much work to get someone into a skilled nursing facility. But that is what we are trying to disrupt.” When talking about the importance of physicians, he said, “we recognized, as did CMS, that physician engagement in bundled payment and value based programs is critical to success."
  • In a keynote, Mark Caputo, vice chair of Remedy’s board, put the size of the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative in perspective, “There are roughly 1,600 live participants in this program. We estimate that this results in about $13 billion of Medicare spending under management. And the folks in this room are managing just over 40% of that volume.” When talking about Remedy’s experience in speed to success in BPCI he remarked, “If there wasn’t a significant senior leader executive in the room, they went very slowly. In the hospitals where the top executives, including the physicians, were in the room, they went really fast."

Nearly everyone at the conference took away the overwhelming sense that those involved in bundled payments today are at the forefront of a generational shift in the healthcare system. Overheard often was the idea that bundled payment programs are making care more coordinated and patient-centered, and the healthcare system will be transformed for the better. 

Between sessions, participants shared stories of the higher touch patient care they have been able to deliver and of best practices for higher value care. They began the kind of friendships that only those with a shared mission can create. 

Remedy is hosting more Innovation Collaboratives and we want you to join in the conversation. Find out more about our upcoming events on our events page.

Tagged: Event, BPCI, Collaboration, Bundled Payments, Physician Engagement